Our story – Sevenstorys

Every Story Matters

We created these T-shirts stories for people who enjoy taking a look inside of themselves and finding the root of their feelings. Every story matters and we hope it can start a conversation on what it means to you and for the people around you.

We are more than just a label

We are all about self-expression and about how you feel inside. You don’t feel limited with Sevenstorys instead you feel liberated.

Taking mental health globally one story at a time

Sevenstory was born out of a strong desire to flip the narrative on the stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental, emotional and social wellbeing through powerful
stories and shared conversations.

We focus on connection and a sense of belonging

Humans are like onions, we have layers that define who we are, our values, and explain why we do what we do. Often, what most people see is the surface, the outer layer, and not look further.  What we want to address is at the core of our being, which is our deepest desire to love and to be loved.

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